Cytometry and Optical Imaging

Researchers need innovative methods to differentiate and separate specific cell types. The Johanna Quandt Center has a core facility to apply flow cytometric methods including cell sorting as well as in vitro and in vivo optical imaging techniques in different preclinical models.


"A picture is worth a thousand words" (Chinese proverb)

Available FACS devices:

InstrumentLaser         Colors    Room   Safety Level       
BD FACS Canto 10c         3          10     R203     S1
BD FACS Celesta 3          12     R202     S2
BD FACS Aria Fusion 4          16     R203.C      S1




    Franziska Kalensee, Lab Manager, FACS / BLI Specialist
    Hernan Concha-Quezada, FACS Specialist, Sorting Operator
    Nawid Albinger, Lisa Marie Reindl, PhD students, FACS / BLI Specialists
    Katja Stein, Amnah Ottman, BLI Specialists

    Please contact our operator team 14 days prior to the planned first use to arrange appointments by email at  or by phone at 069-6301-80648 or 83000.

    FACS-Operator Team

    (from top left to bottom right): Jochen Früh, Hernan Concha-Queszada, Evelyn Ullrich, Bushra Rais, Katja Stein (not on the photo: Lisa Marie Reindl, Amnah Ottman)